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Changing Boot animation in android

How easy to change boot animation of android phone, Select and install 1000s of animation with app

As boot logo boot animation is also can be changeable (Customize-able) one, there is an app to do that. that app includes 1000's of boot animations to select. Select animation install, Not looking good go to another one install it, No limitation to change.  Here we go with step by step process

All you need: ROOTED android phone


  1. There is a 2 apps in play store
    •                                                                          Cover art
    •  Advanced one: Rom toolbox lite Download.(my case) Having lots of options for rooted phones, This includes boot animation changer app in it
    • Boot animation changer only Download. First app is also including same app as this app in that
                                                                               Cover art
  2. Run the app, It may ask for super user access > Grant
  3. you will get 1000's of boot animations in first page, Brows the animations.

  4. Select any animation you will get menu > select preview or install or download(install later).

  5. If you installed any animations, you need to restart your device.

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