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Xolo q800 Glass/Digitizer/Touchscreen replacing

Hell yahh.. We can replace our phones Digitizer/Glass.

My case, Its Dropped from running motorbike at speed 80km/h :/ yahh really yess. but i used that cracked glass phone for 6 months. Asked Service center they said they will charge Rs,1500+

One day checking eBay for the xolo q800 glass, found it out there Rs,750.

Fixing this is simple as eating cupcake ;)

For whome?
  • Whose glass is cracked
  • Whose touchscreen is not working
You need:
  • New xolo q800 digitizer 
  • Small '+' screw driver as the size of phone screw.
  • Blade like (to take off old glass).
  • Hot air blower (if available).
  • Rubber adhesive or 1mm/2mm double sided tape.


  • Take out > Battery, SIM cards, SD card
  • unscrew all the screws in back-panel
  • take of back panel.
  • In motherboard, look at the top of camera, you can see one ribbon cable connector is attached and that ribbon cable is going to front side, pull that off from motherboard.
  • without taking any stickers/covers off from new glass check that glass's touch sensor is working by simply connecting ribbon cable to touchscreen connector
  • now tearing of front glass from phone, if you have blower use that. otherwise stick sharp blade below that glass from the side and slide that pin to tear that glass.Be careful display is too exposed there don't touch that
  • after tearing of glass put your new bought glass, remove if any back coverings. install using rubber gum or double side tape if you have.
  • connect the display cable as it connected before
  • Hurreeeyy you phone is young again
eBay link (Trusted Seller ships in FedEx):
Use coupon: YOUEBAY001 for 7% off so you will get this for Rs,702.

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