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Rooting, The freedom for custom ROM

Rooting xolo q800

Rooting and custom ROM installing is an ultimate thing that you could do with android phones, Taking control of your phone from its root ;) . I recommend do this after warranty period, Because not all mobile companies including rooting within warranty. My case: I'm having XOLO Q800, Not a famous phone, but still manages to survive in this world and having few good developers providing custom ROM for this device .


(Rooting and Recovery mode installation)
  1. Take your phone
  2. Take USB cable of phone.
  3. Now install Recovery Mode (like DVD Player for your TV ;) )  : follow This Page. (I used TWRP, its simple and easy).
  4. Rooting part : This Page.
Congratulations your phone has been rooted, and be ready to install all the roms available on internet.


(Installing custom ROM)
  1. Now on play ROM with phone like DVD with TV.
  2. Download Suitable ROMs.
  3. Copy to SD card.
  4. Shutdown phone.
  5. By pressing Power button & Volume down for 10 sec, go to Recovery Mode.
  6. Refer this video.

The best custom ROMs:


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