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Fast GPS Lock (Slow GPS lock fix) for all MT devices

Slow GPS lock fix for all Mediatek android devices

Some phones will not locate or lock the gps satellites faster, and some problems with custom ROM too, That is because there is a problem with gps EPO. Takes too much of time to lock to the signal, or some phones will not lock at all. There is a fix for that, No coding, no difficulty nothing, it just downloads country specific EPO files.

Things needed:

  • Rooted Mediatek based android phone
  • Internet 


  1. Download MT GPS EPO Fix app from play store
  2. Open the app.
  3. Select "Download EPO" Button. That will ask for root access > Grant
  4. Wait until all popups go away (That will download some 300kb files for country specific GPS EPO config files)
  5. Now click on "Go to location" and you will get " Location access" menu in system setting
  6. switch all ON > A-gps, GPS EPO asiistance,

  7. Reboot your phone
  8. Now to test Download gps test app from play store

  9. Now switch off wifi assistance in "Location access" menu of settings
  10. Now goto GPS test app
  11. Your GPS has been fixed Hurreyy..

Still proble? Follow this video:

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